About Us/

HandyFish was created by Andy Moore in 2002 to act as a focal point for a range of communication skills and talents.

We can (and do) work on a wide range of projects utilising a range of media, because we are able to deploy the right people and technology for each solution.

We start with what the client needs. Then we build a concept and a delivery-plan, and match the talent and technical expertise to achieving specific objectives.

It’s really that simple.

Some of the talent and technology is in-house and some isn’t. It doesn’t matter who is freelance and who isn’t, or where the technology comes from. What counts is the expertise that’s working on YOUR project.

We are (and should only be) judged by our output.

It’s a cost-effective and flexible approach to production that isn’t unique, but is hard to get right. We believe we do just that – every time.

Talk to us and make your own judgement.
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